Electronic Diesel Control

20 Dec

Electronic Diesel Control is a diesel engine fuel injection control system for the precise metering and delivering of fuel into the combustion chamber of modern diesel engines used in trucks and cars. And in this, the mechanical fly-weight governors of inline and distributor diesel fuel injection pumps are used to control fuel delivery under the variety of engine loads and conditions could no longer deal with ever-increasing demands for effective emission control, power, and fuel consumption. These demands are nowadays being fulfilled by the electronic control, a system which provides greater ability for precise measuring, data processing, operating environment flexibility and analysis to ensure efficient diesel engine operation. The EDC replaces the mechanical control governor with an electro-magnetic control device.

The quantity of fuel injected influences the engine properties such as torque, output, and fuel consumption, exhaust gas emissions and mechanical and thermal stress of the engine. The specified torque is calculated from the internal and external demands and to reach this torque specification, a set of the quantity of fuel is required. Know more about dt466e ecm!

The quantity of fuel is calculated according to the driver's requirements, engine speed, and amount of air drawn, the coolant temperature, fuel temperature and the intake air temperature. However to protect the engine from mechanical damage and to prevent black smoke, there should be limitations on the quantity of fuel injected, and for this reason, the engine control unit calculates a limit value for this quantity. This limit value depends on engine speed, air mass, and the air pressure. In the engine, the Intake manifold flap motors which are two and there is one electric motor for each flap and are found directly in front of the exhaust gas recirculation valve in the engine.

And with the electrically adjustable intake manifold flaps, differences between air intake pressure and exhaust gas pressure are generated in certain operating conditions. The difference in pressure makes it effective to recirculate exhaust gas. And in case of failure of this Intake Manifold Flaps, effective exhaust gas recirculation is no longer possible.

In repairing of this diesel ecm programming, self-diagnosis on the vehicle is done or guided fault finding. The operating mode checks all vehicle-specific control units for stored faults and automatically compiles an individual testing plan based on the results. This plan is carried out in conjunction with information such as current flow diagrams or workshop manuals, selected to aid fault finding. And in addition to this, one can compile his testing plan and one can choose from a selection of functions and components will be added to the testing plans and can be carried out as a diagnostic sequence in any order.

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